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Kate Flanigan's mother had never seen a more beautiful stuffed animal, when Flopsy arrived as a gift for newborn Kate.  Thinking that her baby already had more stuffed toys than she needed, she displayed Flopsy on a shelf in the nursery, hoping to keep her in pristine condition as Kate grew.  She should have known better.

As soon as Kate was old enough to communicate her wishes, she pointed to the bunny and said "dat!"  Her mom tried to explain that this bunny was not for playing with, only for looking at.  Kate, with the cooperative nature of a typical toddler, repeated "dat!"  It didn't take long for Kate's mom to realize that she was fighting a losing battle, and from that day forward, Flopsy and Kate were inseparable.

Kate started designing fashions for Flopsy at the age of 5.  From her first attempt with a piece of terry cloth, cut from one of her mother's good bath towels, to the beautiful designs you see here, Kate has honed her skills and practiced her craft.

A needle, some thread
and a lot of love



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